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What do the Annual Mean Irradiance Tools in the Prospecting Tools provide?

For your selected location, the tool shows show the annual average (mean) (GHI, DNI, DIF) based on 10+ year means from 1997/1999 – 2018 from the Vaisala 1.0 solar algorithm, including a +/- (plus or minus) range based on a global model validation. This tool directly incorporates a confidence interval, providing a range of expected values and a more realistic assessment. This value reflects the general terrain conditions in your area and is based on application of computer models to direct satellite observations.

You have the option of seeing the irradiance values in units of kWh/m²/day (kilowatt-hours per square meter per day) or W/m² (Watts per meter squared). To learn how to change your account settings click here.

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